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  • What to Test?

    ResistorOne of the key elements of a PCB, resistors are small electronic devices with two terminals that transmit electric current to produce voltage. To test them, an ohmmeter can be used. First, the resistor must be isolated so that test results are only indicative of the resistor and aren’t compromised by signals from other components. A digital multimeter is preferred over an analog meter because the results tend to be more accurate. Using a multimeter with an output value no higher than 0.6 volts will help avoid causing other surrounding resistors to accidentally conduct......

    Date:2014-01-03 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board,PCB
  • What is PCB Test and Why Testing ?

    Functional test (FCT) is used as a final manufacturing step. It provides a pass/fail determination on finished PCBs before they are shipped. An FCT’s purpose in manufacturing is to validate that product hardware is free of defects that could, otherwise, adversely affect the product’s correct functioning in a system application. In short, FCT verifies a PCB’s functionality and its behavior. It is important to emphasize that the requirements of a functional test, its development, and procedures vary widely from PCB to PCB and system to system. Functional testers typically interface to the PCB under test via its edge......

    Date:2014-01-03 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board,PCB
  • Tips for Electronics Project Designer

    Good electronics project pcb board design references and tips can accelerate your practical know-how in electronics. Getting good and timely information on the electronic project that you are embarking on pcb board sometimes can be time consuming and frustrating. Hence, the objective of this site is to bridge this gap. This site is dedicated to all electronics enthusiasts pcb board whether you are a student, a teacher, hobbyist or even an electronics engineer. The end pcb board result of an electronics project is determined by a few factors. It normally starts with the strong enthusiasm in the project chosen, going on to schematic or pcb board circuit design, printed circuit board design, software programming if microcontroller is involved and building prototypes......

    Date:2014-01-03 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Frontend Engineering Process Common Issues

    Rule number 1 Do not scale your data - All data provided must be scale 1/1 (100 %). Rule number 2 Make sure that your Gerber files DO NOT contain apertures with a zero-size (size =0.00 mm or inches) and that your Excellon data DOES NOT have zero sized tools ( size=0.00mm or inches). Rule number 3 Use the same offset for all your Gerber layers and the Excellon drill data. Preferably use no offset at all. Layers with same versus different offset Rule number 4 Use the same units (mm or inch) in your Gerber & Excellon output files as in your pcb board CAD PCB design software. This will eliminate conversion or rounding errors. Rule number 5 Use the pcb board same resolution (grid) for your Gerber & Excellon data to allow a perfect match......

    Date:2014-01-03 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Basic PCB Design Rules

    These 28 Basic PCB design guidelines set out best practice to reduce the cost of your boards and to minimize the risk of errors arising during manufacture. High power boards have different rules especially in terms of spacing, traces size and power isolation. Manufacturers have different requirements; make sure you read their own guidelines before sending your design. Naming and file formats also vary depending on the manufacturers. PCB Layout 1. Create your board frame on a 0.05" grid. Make the lower left corner start at 0,0. 2. Usually the board frame is rectangular. For specific reasons you could also do other types of shapes such as polygons. 3. Stick parts on a 0.05" grid. You should not break this rule unless you have a very good reason.......

    Date:2014-01-03 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • How to drill a PCB

    Step 1: Planning / Materials This started when we realized pcb board we wanted a simple high-quality PCB drill dress, but didn't want to pay $400+ for something that would only run at around 20,000 rpm. We also did not want to use the standard dremel drill-press for drilling PCB's as they tend to break bits fairly fast, and PCB drill bits can be expensive pcb board. The solution that we arrived at was to use a Harbor-Freight Pneumatic 1/8" Micro Die Grinder, and attach it in-plane with a precision linear slide rail. The Micro Die Grinder runs at 56,000 RPM and has the 1/8" collet that I needed for the PCB drill-bits. The keep the die-grinder in-plane with the pcb board rail, we decided to mount the linear rail to a self-centering drill-press jig.......

    Date:2014-01-03 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board,PCB
  • PCB Component Packages

    Today in the market you can pcb board find a great variety of electronic component packages. It is common to find several types of packages for one device. For example you can find the same pcb board integrated circuit in QFP's and LCC's packages. Thru-Hole Are all those components that have pins intended to pcb board be mounted through a plated hole in the PCB. This kind of component is soldered to the opposite side pcb board of the board from which the component was inserted. Generally these components are mounted on one surface of the board only......

    Date:2014-01-02 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Take a Fast Look at PCB Electronic Parts

    A printed circuit board or PCB, is a plate or pcb board used for placing the different elements that conform an electrical circuit that contains the electrical interconnections between them. The most simple printed circuit boards are the ones that contains copper tracks or interconnects pcb board only on one of its surfaces. These kinds of boards are known pcb board as 1 layer printed circuit board or 1 layer PCB. The most common PCB's manufactured pcb board today are the ones that contain 2 layers, that is, you can find interconnects in both surfaces of the board. However, depending on the physical pcb board complexity of the design ( PCB layout ), the boards can be manufactured of 8 or more layers pcb board....

    Date:2014-01-02 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • SMT PCB Assembly

    Where components are to be placed, the printed circuit board normally has flat, usually tin-lead, silver, or gold plated copper pads without holes, called solder pads. Solder paste, a sticky mixture of flux and tiny solder particles, is first applied to all the solder pads with a stainless steel or nickel stencil using a screen printing process. It can also be applied by a jet-printing mechanism, similar to an inkjet printer. After pasting, the boards then proceed to the pick-and-place machines, where they are placed on a conveyor belt. ...

    Date:2014-01-02 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Advantages of SMT PCB

    The main advantages of SMT over the older through-hole technique are: Smaller components. As of 2012 smallest was 0.4 × 0.2 mm (0.016 × 0.008 in: 01005). Expected to sample in 2013 are 0.25 × 0.125 mm (0.010 × 0.005 in, size not yet standardized) Much higher component density (components per unit area) and many more connections per component. Lower initial cost and time of setting up for production. Fewer holes need to be drilled....

    Date:2014-01-02 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Let's Take a Look at Internet of Things

    One of the trend we are seeing now pcb boardis people are spending lot more time inside the car while they are commuting to the office or on a trip. They are expecting same pcb boardconnectivity experience in their car and in their office,...

    Date:2014-01-02 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Analysis of New EV Battery Chemistry

    In a bid to boost the viability of pcb boardlithium-based electric car batteries, a team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has developed a chemistry that could possibly pcb boarddouble an EVs driving range while cutting its battery c...

    Date:2013-12-31 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Application of Graphene Flakes in Electronic Market

    According to new research pcb boardpublished at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) last week, graphene can host quantum electronic states at its edge due to a spin selectivity of which researchers were previously unaware. The t...

    Date:2013-12-30 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Medical Electronics Market Report

    RFID technology has hadpcb boarda significant impact on the global healthcare industry. The adoption of RFID tracking systems has been useful in reducing human efforts and errors in maintenance and control of healthcare inventory.RFID technology has hadpcb boarda significant impact on the global healthcare industry. The adoption of RFID tracking systems has been useful in reducing human efforts and errors in maintenance and control of healthcare inventory.RFID technology has hadpcb boarda significant impact on the global healthcare industry. The adoption of RFID tracking systems has been useful in reducing human efforts and errors in maintenance and control of healthcare inventory....

    Date:2013-12-27 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Analysis of LCD Monitor Shipment in 2013

    WitsView, the display research pcb boarddivision of TrendForce has reported that in year 2013 LCD monitor shipment including AIO is around 158 million units, dipping 5% YoY. The declining trend will continue in 2014 with a shipment of 150 m...

    Date:2013-12-26 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Take a Look at the Inexpensive Portable Test Tools

    From wrist watch to pocket-sized pcb board device, inexpensive portable test and measurement tools have captured the imagination this year as never before. Readers understood that, even though small doesn't always mean less powerful, the aphorism "you...

    Date:2013-12-27 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Wearable Devices Continues to Grow

    Though wearable devices pcb boardare in the market from several years, but it is in this year of 2013, we are seeing sudden rise of new product launches both for fitness purposes and also for communication and information purposes. The most...

    Date:2013-12-24 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Data Analysis of The Smart Phone Market

    The global smartphone pcb boardapplications processor market registered 31 percent year-on-year growth to reach $4.9 billion in Q3 2013, according to the Strategy Analytics Handset Component pcb boardTechnologies (HCT) service report, Smart...

    Date:2013-12-23 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Tablet PC Market Forecast

    Tablets have been on the pcb boardtop of many wish lists since 2010 when Apple launched its first iPad device. The installed base of big brand (Apple, Samsung, etc.) media tablets is expected to surpass 285 million units at the close of 201...

    Date:2013-12-23 Author:CarolineTags:pcb board
  • Brief History Of PCB Board

    Printed circuit boards(pcb) evolved from electrical connection systems that were developed in the 1850s. Metal strips or rods were originally used to connect large electric components....

    Date:2013-10-21 Author:CarolineTags:pcb